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3 Favourite Local Eats in Hong Kong (Spring/Summer 2024)

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我哋最鍾意嘅三道香港地道美食(2024 年春夏版)

Text & Images: Jenn Lau
Translation: Eddie Lam

Recently, our Save Cantonese team member, Jennifer, was in Hong Kong for work. Check out the local establishments she recommends and let us know if you've been there!

Cheung Hei 祥囍煲仔小廚

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No.6-28 Ngoi Man Street, Shau Kei Wan | Shop 4A-5A, G/F,Sun Lee Building

(Shau Kei Wan)

Visa, Mastercard, Cash, Octopus Payment, Apple Pay,Google Pay, and WeChat Pay Accepted
Visa、Mastercard、現金、八達通、Apple Pay、Google Pay、微信支付

You might easily miss this establishment if you follow Google Maps because the restaurant is in the alleyway behind the residential building listed. You’ll go through the rather bare alleyway to see
the restaurant with glass windows and inside, you’ll see steaming dishes on every table. Once you are seated, you’ll be immersed in the talkative chatter of other foodies who have come to enjoy their claypot rice! The menu isn’t huge, but you can choose your own ingredients for your claypot rice and it is made to order. Apparently in one night, they can sell as many as 300 bowls!

We thoroughly enjoyed the silky chicken and mushroom claypot rice and the stir-fry mussels! You will likely have to ordera drink because the flavours are so rich – from the sweet and salty soy sauce
that comes with the rice to the spicy kick of the stir-fry dishes). My only regret is not ordering their fried squid!

如果睇谷歌地圖,呢家餐廳好易走漏眼,因為呢家餐廳位置係喺大廈嘅後巷。你要穿過後巷,先會見到餐廳, 餐廳有玻璃窗,裡面嘅每張枱都冒著煙。當你坐低之 後,你就會聽到其他食客嘅傾偈聲!雖然餐牌上選擇少,但你可以為你嘅煲仔飯自選食材,而且係即點即做。聽講呢度嘅煲仔飯每晚可以賣到三百碗!

我哋好鍾意呢度嘅蘑菇滑雞煲仔飯同埋炒青口!你可能要叫嘢飲,因為食物味道 太濃 (煲仔飯嘅鹹鹹哋甜甜哋嘅味道, 小炒既辣味)。我唯一後悔就係 無點炸魷魚!

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Eng Kee Noodle Shop [also known as Ying Kee] 英記麵家

GF, 32 High Street, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong

(Sai Ying Pun/Sheungwan)

Cash Only. 只收現金。

Once you’re done the climb from the MTR exit at Sai Ying Pun, you’ll be extremely glad to see this small establishment with a large aluminum sign with its name written in large red Chinese characters at the entrance. There will likely already be a line-up unless it’s a rainy day, but even then, you may need to wait to be seated. You'll see lots of customers rushing in to order and pick up their takeout as well. Like many Hong Kong restaurants, they want you to know what you want to order before you sit down. But when we asked for a minute more to think about our options, they weren’t rude either.

The presumed-owner of this family business is trilingualfrom what I could tell – speaking pretty-fluent English, Mandarin, and native Cantonese. She’s quick to delegate tasks to her team and while not particularly-smiley, she is quite pleasant.

About the food, their portions are very generous. The ratio of beef brisket to noodles, I’d say, was almost 2:1. This is probably why they offer additional noodles on the menu, if you wish to eat more. The beef brisket noodle soup is their signature dish because of the soft texture and savoury marinade, but their deep-fried wontons are also popular. (Personally we didn’t think the wontons were that special, but you can still try if you like!)



據我所知,呢間店嘅老闆娘識三種話 — 英語、普通話同廣東話。佢好快就吩咐伙計打點一切,雖然佢無乜笑容,但佢俾人感覺和藹可親。

講到食物,佢地份量好足。牛腩同麵條嘅比例,幾乎係2:1。可能因為呢個原因, 喺 餐牌上有加底麵條嘅選項,俾一啲想食多啲嘅食客有選擇。牛腩麵湯係佢哋嘅招牌菜,因為肉質淋,醃得好味,佢哋嘅炸餛飩都好受歡迎。 (我個人覺得 炸餛飩無乜特別,不過如果你鐘意的話都可以試下!)


Chan Kun Kee 陳根記

Shop 5, G/F, Kings Wing Plaza 2, 1 On Kwan Street, Shek Mun

(Shek Mun)

Alipay, Cash, Octopus Payment, WeChat Pay; 10% Service Charge
支付寶、現金、八達通支付、微信支付; 另有10% 附加服務費

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This local favourite moved from its old location to thiscurrent one in 2018. From what I remember, the atmosphere was even better in the past because this Dai Pai Dong (open-air food stall) was partially outdoors. But alas, many of the food stalls and establishments have moved into malls and buildings. Still, the popularity of Chan Kun Kee’s stir-fry dishes, signature soy sauce chicken, and claypot rice continues to soar! They have the standard ticketing machine, and the line moves relatively quickly, even at dinner. It’s loud inside but you don’t need to worry about flagging down a waiter amongst the noise because they use mobile ordering. When they come by with food, you can order plain rice and drinks.

It's best to come to Chan Kun Kee with a few friends so you can order a variety of dishes!

Their cold brew tea was surprisingly good and I would recommend getting the rose infused teas which are individually bottled and served chilled. We thoroughly enjoyed the juicy (and oily) stir-fry morning glory and their signature soy sauce chicken. This place isan iconic Dai Pai Dong that has been around for decades, so the food is very reliable and worth the trek and worth paying the 10% service charge in my opinion.

呢家係當地人好鍾意嘅餐廳, 喺 2018 年由舊址搬到了而家呢個地點。記憶中,以前半露天嘅大排檔氣氛好好多.但可惜嘅係,而家好多食肆同舖頭已經搬咗入商場。即使係咁,陳根記嘅炒菜、招牌豉油雞同煲仔飯仍然好受歡迎!餐廳有派籌機,即使喺晚飯時間,排隊都好快。餐廳入邊好嘈,但你唔需要擔心咁嘈點同伙計點餐,因為佢地用手機點餐。當伙計上菜既時候,你可以叫白飯同飲品。


佢哋嘅冷泡茶出奇地好飲, 我建議您買瓶裝冷藏嘅玫瑰茶。我們好鍾意多汁嘅炒通菜 同埋招牌豉油雞。陳根記係老字號,已經存在佐幾十年了,所 以食物質素有保證,雖然隔涉但值得來試一試,多俾 10% 嘅附加費都值。