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CantoMusic: Gweilo Reacts to HONG KONG HIP HOP MUSIC: MastaMic, Low Mays, Young Hysan, BMW

· CantoCulture

With the rise in hip hop's popularity in Asia and music streaming becoming more common, there have been an exponential increase in rappers and hip hop songs in Hong Kong in the past few years. In this video, Save Cantonese invited three gweilos from the Nature of Water Scholarship Fund to react to popular Cantonese hip hop music videos by MastaMic, the Low Mays, Young Hysan, and BMW.

Checkout the video below:

Save Cantonese is a global community-driven movement that promotes Cantonese language and cultural preservation. Our organization is committed to sustaining the Cantonese language, supporting courses at universities and ensuring access in everyday society. ‘Team Cantonese’ came together as a group of passionate alumni, students, and community members, aiming to keep Cantonese language instruction alive in higher education institutions. Check out if you are interested in becoming a volunteer, or donate to or @savecantonese on Venmo to support our cause.

The Nature of Water Scholarship Fund is an international fund raising campaign founded by a collective of photojournalists that provides scholarships to Hongkongers in need who want to continue their studies in Canada with the resources necessary to cover the costs of their education and materials. If you are interested in applying or donating to the scholarship, check out for more information.