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CantoMusic: MastaMic, "Breaking the Hell"

MastaMic, "Breaking the Hell" 破地獄

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 “If Cao Zhi (a well-known poet from ancient China) was able to write a poem in seven footsteps, this MastaMic guy, with some booze, can do it in one—I’ve seen it with my own eyes,” wrote lyricist Siuhak in his book 廣東爆谷 (“Canto-Popcorn”).

This is indeed not an exaggeration, as even OG Hong Kong rapper 6 Wing described him as “the best Cantonese freestyle rapper (he has) ever met in (his) life”. Debuted in 2005, MastaMic @mastamic has been featured in the work of numerous Cantopop legends such as Eason Chan, Sammi Cheng, Joey Yung, and Justin Lo. Though he often likes to explore and experiment with different rap genres, he’s most known for his techniques as a chopper (a fast-paced hip hop music style, with etymology linked to helicopters and AK-47 rifles).

One of his few works on a trap beat, 破地獄 (“Breaking the Hell”) comes from the Cantonese Taoism ceremony of the same name that helps a soul enter reincarnation by breaking open the gates of hell. The ceremony is very commonly performed in traditional Chinese funerals in Hong Kong, so in the song MastaMic is essentially wishing death to the rappers he dislikes, even reciting the exact hell-breaking chants in the chorus and outro.

MastaMic - Breaking the Hell 破地獄

The song is full of slangs and derogatory expressions, and we selected a few for your reference: 

  • 撚 nan2 - penis
  • 裙腳仔 kwan4 goek3 zai2 - mommy’s boy
  • 夠皮 gau3 pei2 - to be enough, to be satisfied
  • 求其 kau4 kei4 - whatever
  • 柒 cat6 - vulgar term for the penis (esp. flaccid), stupid, ugly 
  • 柒頭 cat6 tau4 - dumbass
  • 窒機 zat6 gei1 - lag (on a computer, phone etc.)
  • 叻 lek1 - smart, competent, good
  • 冚旗 kam2 kei4 - to die, to cover the "for hire" sign on a taxi (e.g., for an off-duty taxi driver or illegal touting) (lit. to cover (a coffin) with a flag)
  • 阿豬阿狗 aa5 zyu1 aa5 gau2 - ordinary people, whoever, anyone
  • xx啱(晒)你 ngaam1 (saai3) nei5 - something suits you

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