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Where are Canto language programs located?

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Save Cantonese presents...
The World Map of Cantonese Programs

Today, there are many Chinese languages spoken around the world because of unique waves of immigration. Many of the early settlers outside of China were from Canton (Guangdong) with a Cantonese-speaking diaspora landing in Southeast Asia, Canada, the United States, South America, as well as the Caribbean. We are eager to see this vibrant language shared in programs for young children to adult learners around the world.

About the Map

Cantonese learners around the world often ask where they can learn the language. It can be a struggle to locate a program that’s right for you. We present The World Map of Cantonese Programs.

The first national category of our World Map of Cantonese Programs is the United States—one of the most popular destinations for work, study, travel, and immigration from Asia in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Today, many institutions offer an array of Cantonese language courses. Our map indicates that there is a concentration of offerings in two states: California and in New York.

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