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Save Cantonese Announces $1,000,000 Endowed Gift from S.J. Distributors to Support Cantonese Classes at Stanford University

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Save Cantonese Announces $1,000,000 Endowed Gift from S.J. Distributors to Support Cantonese Language Classes at Stanford University  

Palo Alto, CA – January 28, 2022 

Save Cantonese is pleased to announce that S.J. Distributors has made a $1,000,000 commitment to endow Cantonese language classes at Stanford University. Cantonese is a language widely spoken in Southern China, Southeast Asia, and many overseas Chinese communities around the world, including in the United States. 

S.J. Distributors is a global food company providing Asian groceries and Asian meals that nourish local communities. The company was founded by Cantonese speakers, and their gift supports Cantonese language education at a leading institution. 

As Scott Suen, CEO of S.J. Distributors, describes: “Language is how we transmit culture. Handed down from ancient times to the modern age, Cantonese still retains much of the pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar of Classical Chinese literature, which proves that this language is of profound cultural importance. By providing long-term support for Cantonese classes, we believe this opens a channel for those who love Cantonese language and culture to continue to access them.”

“When S.J. Distributors reached out to us with their offer, we were simply floored. This is a dream come true for the entire team,” said Dr. Jamie Tam, a leader of Save Cantonese. Another leader, Maciej Kurzynski, echoed the sentiment: “We are thrilled that S.J. Distributors shares our vision and that Cantonese continues to be taught as a modern, living language.” 

While emphasizing that there is more work to be done, Tam describes the $1,000,000 endowed gift as cause for joy just in time for the Lunar New Year: “We celebrate the opening of the Year of the Tiger with S.J. Distributors. We are deeply grateful for their extraordinary gift which contributes to the teaching and learning of Cantonese at Stanford University.”

Contacts: Jamie Tam / / 



Save Cantonese宣佈已經從S.J.Distributors獲得100萬美元嘅捐款嚟支持史坦福大學嘅粵語課程 

帕羅奧圖, 加州 – 2022年1月 28日 

Save Cantonese現正宣佈S.J. Distributors已經應承咗捐100萬美元嚟支持史坦福大學嘅粵語課程。粵語係一門廣泛使用嘅語言,而且响華南地區、東南亞、同埋包括美國在內嘅全球各地華人社會都有人講。 

S.J. Distributors係一間全球性嘅食品供應商,專注為各地地區提供亞洲嘅生鮮食材及膳食。呢間公司由廣東話為母語嘅人士創立,而佢哋嘅捐款可以支持一間頂尖大學嘅粵語語言教育。 

正如S.J. Distributors嘅首席執行官孫振豪(Scott Suen)所講:“語言是文化的載體。而且流傳至今,廣東話還保留著大量古漢語的發音、詞彙、語法,可見其文化底蘊的深厚。相信如能對這個項目做出長期的支持的話,對於那些喜愛粵語文化、對廣東話感興趣的人都能再多一個渠道幫助到他們。” 

“當S.J. Distributors同我哋聯絡表示話願意捐錢嘅時候,我哋嘅激動之情難以言表。我哋成個團隊就咁夢想成真啦 。”Save Cantonese領導人譚珍兒博士咁話。團隊另一位領導者Maciej Kurzynski亦都表示有同感:“我哋咁激動係因為S.J. Distributors同我哋對未來有共同嘅展望:希望廣東話可以作為一門現代化而又充滿活力嘅語言,繼續有得咁樣教。“ 

正如譚珍兒博士強調話,團隊跟住落來仲有更多嘢需要做,但與此同時呢一筆100萬美元嘢捐款為農歷新年又增添咗一份快樂:“我哋同S.J. Distributors一齊迎接虎年嘅來臨。我哋對於佢哋嘅慷慨捐贈表示深深嘅感謝。呢筆捐款為史坦福大學嘅粵語語言教學作出咗巨大嘅貢獻。” 

聯絡人:Jamie Tam 譚珍兒 / / 



Save Cantonese宣佈已從S.J.Distributors獲得100萬美元捐款以支持斯坦福大學粵語課程 

帕羅奧圖, 加州 – 2022年1月28日 

Save Cantonese現在宣佈S.J. Distributors已承諾捐助100萬美元以支持斯坦福大學的粵語課程。粵語是一門廣泛使用的語言,並在華南地區、東南亞、以及包括美國在內的全球各地的華人社會被傳講。 


正如S.J. Distributors 的首席執行官孫振豪(Scott Suen)所形容:“語言是文化的載體。流傳至今,廣東話還保留著大量古漢語的發音、詞彙、語法,可見其文化底蘊的深厚。相信如能對這個項目做出長期的支持的話,對於那些喜愛粵語文化、對廣東話感興趣的人都能再多一個渠道幫助到他們。“ 

 “當S.J.Distributors與我們聯繫表示願意捐款時, 我們激動之情難以言表。整個團隊的夢想就這樣實現了”, Save Cantonese領導者譚珍兒博士這樣說道。團隊另一位領導者Maciej Kurzynski 深表同感:“我們如此激動是因為S.J. Distributors與我們對未來有著共同的展望:希望粵語可以作為一門現代化並充滿活力的語言,繼續被教導及傳播。” 


聯絡人:Jamie Tam 譚珍兒 / / 









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