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Unveiling our new Save Cantonese logo

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New year, new #SaveCantonese logo! For the past several months, our team's graphic designers have been working behind the scenes to create a fresh logo that captures the spirit of our movement. We're happy to reveal the results of this collaborative process:

Stylized white yuht symbol in an orange and red seal - January 2022

About the design:

The languages of Guangdong are embodied within the character 粵 (yuht). Fused with the dragon gate and inscribed within a Chinese seal, it harkens to the profound culture, history, and community that we cherish. 

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Fiery colors evoke the loving warmth of home—the home that is our Cantonese heritage, and the welcoming spirit of Team Cantonese. It is this same fire that fuels our determination to ensure that Cantonese will always be a living, widely spoken language & inspire a future where minority languages thrive.

We’re obsessed with this new logo and we hope you love it, too. Thank you, Edgar (@edgarchunglk) and Ashlie (@ashlieauau)!

#SaveCantonese #粵語 #廣東話

January 2022


 And for the nostalgic folks, here are our two previous logos, a blast from the past! 

Red circle logo with Save Cantonese 廣東話 @Stanford Jan - May 2021

January - May 2021: Red circle logo with "Save Cantonese 廣東話 @Stanford" reflecting Stanford University's cardinal-red-and-white school colors. Created by Jamie Tam.


Save Cantonese 廣東話 Yellow background blue arc at bottom


May 2021 - January 2022: Yellow circle logo with "Save Cantonse 廣東話" over a blue ocean, using 20th-century poster script, to represent a more global movement beyond Stanford University. Created by Kevin Hsu.






About Us

Save Cantonese is a global community-driven movement that promotes Cantonese language and cultural preservation through advocacy. Our campaign was launched in 2020 in response to budget cuts that eliminated funding for the only salaried, benefits-eligible Cantonese lecturer position at Stanford University. Since then, our sibling campaign has joined the fight to restore Cantonese language classes at City College of San Francisco. Find out more about our organization at or by following @savecantonese on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.