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Campaign for Cantonese at Cal

· Campaign,UC Berkeley

We are formally launching a campaign to fully endow Cantonese at UC Berkeley!

Save Cantonese is in an active collaboration with UC Berkeley to turn the university into a center of academic and cultural study of Cantonese. UC Berkeley has the premier East Asian language study center in North America. Cantonese is a fledgling program, and needs support to reach the status of its peer languages. Our eventual vision is to support not just Cantonese, but also Taiwanese and other growing language programs. Will you be the one to help Cantonese grow its wings and fly?

Our endowment target is $5 million dollars, which will support two instructors teaching three levels of Cantonese in perpetuity. This protects Cantonese from all future budgetary threats, puts Cantonese on equal standing with other language programs, and ensures future generations of students successfully use Cantonese in academia, business, and society. To quote Cal4Canto founder Stephanie Wong, “True to UC Berkeley’s commitment to serve as a center for public good, we must invest in Cantonese education to empower Berkeley students to serve their families and communities.”

Want to get involved or learn more? Reach out to and one of our campaign leads will contact you. At this time, the minimum donation size Berkeley can accept toward this cause is $25,000.

Thank you for being part of our community. We can’t do this without you!


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