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[Video] 'Is Cantonese a dialect or a language?' with Dr. Gina Tam

Cantonese Alliance hosts scholar

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The Cantonese Alliance ( hosted Dr. Gina Tam, who addressed one of the most frequently asked questions about the Cantonese language: "Is Cantonese a dialect or a language?" She is an Associate Professor of History at Trinity University.

See the video of Dr. Tam's lecture here:

Check out Dr. Tam's recent book "Dialect and Nationalism in China, 1860-1960" from Cambridge University Press (2022)

The Cantonese Alliance is a group on a mission "to bring Cantonese teachers, learners, and parents together to maintain the Cantonese language for generations to come." It was founded by Dr. Sik Lee Dennig, a language teacher to many members of Save Cantonese.