• About the CCSF Campaign 舊金山城市學院

    Our Campaign for Cantonese Language Classes & Certifications at the City College of San Francisco


    After student-led protests against cuts to class offerings at CCSF, two Cantonese courses were offered in Fall 2021, but only one offered in Spring 2022. We are continuing efforts to include Cantonese classes in a certificate program that makes it eligible for funding and other administrative changes to prioritize Cantonese classes. We want future students to benefit from a strong and sustainable Cantonese language program at CCSF.


    Our Demands

    1. Inclusion of Cantonese classes in a 16-unit, funding-eligible certificate program
    2. Cantonese classes that are UC-transferable
    3. Four or more course offerings per semester ranging from beginner to advanced
    4. One or more full-time equivalent Cantonese language instructors who are compensated with salary, benefits, and protections


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