• Get Involved with Save Cantonese

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    How can I get involved?

    We rely on supporters, donors, and team members to power the Save Cantonese campaign. We welcome people from all backgrounds, from all around the world, to join this campaign.

    What's the difference between a supporter, donor & team member?

    Supporters are on our mailing list and receive updates. Donors contribute funds and resources to keep the campaign running.

    Team Members attend our regular volunteer meetings, actively lending their skills on different teams to execute our campaigns.

    Do I have to speak Cantonese to join?

    No, it's not a requirement! Some of our group members are native Cantonese speakers. Other volunteers do not have a Cantonese language background, but are interested in ensuring that linguistic diversity continues to exist. Everyone can participate in this campaign.

    Can I make a philanthropic gift?

    Small donations keep our website and social media platforms running. Please note that the Save Cantonese organization has established a fiscal partnership with BeChinatown of San Francisco, CA, a 501c3 non-profit. Therefore, tax deductible gift receipts can be arranged upon request. For small gifts that do not require tax receipts, please donate using the Ko-Fi link below.


    Some individuals and companies are interested in large-scale philanthropic giving to sustain Cantonese language programs. Please be in touch using the form below. We welcome both small and large contributions.

  • Contribute to the Save Cantonese Campaign

    As a donor, your contributions help us keep the savecantonese.org website running and power our outreach on social media platforms for this public campaign. Tax deductible gift receipts can be arranged upon request by contacting team@savecantonese.org. For gifts that do not require tax receipts, please use the Ko-Fi link below.

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    Support our all-volunteer efforts by contributing small amounts to offset web hosting, software, and administrative costs. Click here to give using Ko-Fi, a platform that facilitates small donations.

  • Sign up for the Mailing List or

    Volunteer to Work on the Campaign

    Interested in joining the Save Cantonese campaign? Let us know if you want to be a supporter (added to the campaign e-mail list for regular updates) or a full-on team member (attends weekly volunteer meetings). Share with us your name, contact info, and (optional) any skills you can contribute.

  • Philanthropy

    If you are interested in pledges, endowed gifts to Universities, or other philanthropy related to the Save Cantonese campaign, please be in touch. Thank you!

  • Other Questions?

    Reach out to us with any questions or feedback on the website