• K-12 Education 中小學粵語教育倡議

    Supporting Cantonese education in bilingual, second language & immersion programs

    Who We Are
    A multi-campus team of education professionals, policy analysts, and advocates from Stanford, SF State, CCSF, UCLA, York University, and National Normal Taiwan University


    Our Goals
    Build a community constituency in the Bay Area to support Cantonese in the education system, and empower teacher leadership
    Establish a Cantonese bilingual accreditation program for K-12 school teachers at a top-tier university


    Organized a press conference along with Cantonese teachers in SFUSD who were mistreated in the separation process. As a result of this action, all pink slips were rescinded.


    How to help
    Join the K-12 Initiatives Team’s weekly meeting on Saturday at 9:00 am PT. Fill out this form to either sign up for our email list, or to join our weekly meeting and get down to work! https://forms.gle/XT7RwQVoe4f3bH8N6

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  • Collaborating across generations

    Coalition members from Save Cantonese, Chinese American Democratic Club, Chinatown Volunteer Coalition, Asian Firefighters Association, CPA, CAA, Dear Community, and others came together to support SFUSD Cantonese bilingual teachers at the their press conference on May 10, 2022.

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