• About the Stanford University Campaign 史丹佛大學

    Our campaign began at Stanford University in December 2019, and has reached many milestones since then, including mobilizing students and alumni, meeting with the Faculty Senate, and publishing numerous op-eds in local and international papers.


    When we first began this campaign, we asked supporters to sign the petition to Stanford University:


    "To show your support, sign our petition calling on the university to restore Cantonese classes. Click here to sign.


    We welcome all individuals who care about Cantonese language education—including Stanford students and alumni, as well as supporters who are not alumni—to sign the petition. There is an option to mark whether you are an alumnus or an external supporter."


    Since then, our scope of activities has grown. The latest actions by our campaign are detailed below.

  • Latest Stanford Activities

     Campaign and Event Updates from the Stanford Team