• Language Resources to Learn Cantonese

    Links to online educational resources for learning & practicing Cantonese

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    Cantonese Alliance of North America

    An important hub of Cantonese language materials, including apps, dictionaries, romanisation and Chinese character converters, plus Language Resources section.

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    Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Self-learning resources (Jyutping romanisation) including reference materials (Sounds and Tones 聲母、韻母, Hong Kong Culture 香港文化) and specific lessons.

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    Foreign Services Institute [Course]

    A more old-fashioned course hosted by LiveLingua (Yale romanisation). One of the few free online courses in Cantonese from beginner to advanced levels.

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      Learn Cantonese 學廣東話 (cantonese.ca)

      Learning colloquial Cantonese spoken by today's youth in Hong Kong and in overseas communities such as Canada, the United States and Australia.

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      Canto Lounge (cantolounge.com)

      A useful site for learning grammar and pronunciation, including Cantonese Guide, Jyutping Chart, and Cantonese Grammar, as well as a "Cantonese Particles Cheatsheet."

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      Learn Cantonese!

      The site contains print-friendly Chinese reference sheets, tests, revision aids and a unique Chinese dictionary called CantoDict aimed to help you speak, read and write.

    • Textbooks

      Textbooks for learning Cantonese

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      Colloquial Cantonese: The Complete Course for Beginners

      Dana Scott Bourgerie, Keith S. T. Tong, Gregory James

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      Complete Cantonese Beginner to Intermediate Course

      Hugh Baker, Ho Pui-Kei

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      Learn to Speak Cantonese I

      Jade Jia Ying Wu

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      Learn to Speak Cantonese 2

      Jade Jia Ying Wu

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      A Feng Shui Master - Learning Cantonese through Stories

      Lee Siu Lun

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      More than Cantonese Two-Part Allegorical Sayings​

      André Loo, Carolyn Chen

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      Cantonese for Everyone

      Chow Bun Ching

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      Cantonese: A Comprehensive Grammar

      Stephen Matthews, Virginia Yip

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      Cantonese in Communication: Listening and Speaking (Book 1) 邊學邊用:粵語聽說教材 (一)


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      Cantonese in Communication: Listening and Speaking (Book 2) 邊學邊用:粵語聽說教材 ()


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      Cantonese in Communication: Listening and Speaking (Book 3) 邊學邊用:粵語聽說教材 ()


    • Community Resources

      Learning materials created by Canto enthusiasts. Let us know if yours is missing!

      Video materials / recordings (ordered from beginner to advanced)

      • Learn Cantonese Daily - a very popular Cantonese blog by InspirLang, great for beginners! Available also on Spotify.
      • BLM Cantonese - educational content for conversations around Black Lives Matter and racial/social justice.

      • Youtube playlist by Luisa Tam (SCMP), exploring Cantonese vocabulary and culture.

      • CantoneseClass101.com - (YouTube) - "The Fastest, Easiest and Most Fun Way to Learn Cantonese"

      • Dope Chinese with Gloria - plenty of entertaining videos in Cantonese (for beginners, intermediate, and advanced speakers), with subtitles!

      • 粤语广东话系统学习 - a long series of videos by Huang Junfu (黄君榑) in Mandarin, introducing Cantonese grammar and pronunciation.

      • Fullness Language playlist, with simple conversations recorded in Cantonese, Mandarin, and English. You can adjust the playback speed if needed.

      • Speaking Cantonese with Miss Winnie - a YouTube channel offering a lot of shorts in Cantonese

      • Hong Kongese Speak Cantonese - an awesome playlist with recordings of short sentences, including Cantonese slang.

      • Canto Big Circle - a comprehensive set of videos covering grammar, tones, slang, and everyday dialogues

      • 识听唔识讲,简短句系列 - a series of videos with every-day sentences pronounced in Cantonese and Mandarin (plenty of useful Canto expressions!), by Yaotaiyang Cantonese Training Centre (摇太阳粤语培训中心)

      • 粵台 - Jyuttoi Cantonese, an Instagram account featuring Cantonese idiomatic expressions. Very useful for advanced learners!

      • Chatty Cantonese - a podcast for learners and lovers of the Cantonese language, with transcripts

      • *維多利亞*齋講 (Wàih-dō-leih-a jāaigóng) - a YouTube channel with readings in Cantonese

      • 點點dimdim - a series of videos and vlogs in Cantonese (with subtitles in Mandarin) by Dimdim 
      • EasyCantonese - real dialogues in Cantonese, with Jyutping and English subtitles (not that easy actually)
      • TVB Anywhere Life - News in Cantonese (with subtitles)

      Texts and subtitles

      • CantoCaptions - a Google Drive containing subtitles for YouTube videos and Cantonese movies

      For Kids and Families


      • MtzCherry - a YouTube channel with vlogs and livestreams in Canto
      • Cantonese with Brittany - a YouTube channel with learning materials for beginner and intermediate speakers, as well as a lot of entertaining vlogs!
    • Cantonese Immersion Programs (K-12) in the United States

      Updated as of 2022 February

      San Francisco Unified School District


      Alice Fong Yu Alternative School

      Address: 1541 12th Avenue
      Level: K-8

      Website: http://afypa.org/portal.php


      Chinese Immersion School at De Avila

      Address: 1250 Waller Street

      Level: K-3

      Website: https://wdaes-sfusd-ca.schoolloop.com


      Herbert Hoover Middle School

      Address: 2290 14th Avenue

      Level: 6-8

      Website: http://sfpta.org/Hoover


      Garfield Elementary

      Address: 420 Filbert Street

      Level: K-5

      Website: http://www.garfieldelementarysf.org/chinese-immersion-program


      West Portal Elementary

      Address: 5 Lenox Way

      Level: K-5

      Website: http://www.westportalschool.com



      Sacramento City Unified

      Elder Creek Elementary

      Address: 7934 Lemon Hill Avenue

      Level: K-6

      Website: http://www.scusd.edu/school/elder-creek

      Note: Uses Simplified Chinese instead of Traditional Chinese